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27 March 2009 @ 09:08 pm
This is what it tastes like  

The Basics -

Name: Tricia
Nickname(s): Trish, Mouse, Terra
Age: 25
General Area: Ohio, USA
Three positive adjectives that describe who you are: Loving, Creative, Loyal
Three negative adjectives that describe who you are: Manic, Stressed, Holds a Grudge
Pick a line from a song that you think describes you: "I'm waiting for my real life to begin"
Hobbies/Interests: Writing, drawing, watching movies, icon collecting, blogging
Likes: Johnny Depp, art, books, coffee, tea, pirates, animals, baking, making graphics, fanart, Scrubs, Friends, old movies from the forties, jamming to my ipod
Dislikes: Reality TV, fish, mean people, arrogant people, bugs

Personality Match -

Safety or Adventure: Adventure!! Safety is great and all but you somehow always find yourself thinking about the "What if" scenarios.
Loyalty or Honor: I'm a fiercely loyal person, I would sacrifice myself for someone I truly loved and cared about.
Love or Power: Love! What can I say I'm a romantic.
Bravery or Revenge: Hmmm, I admit I can be a vengeful person if you rub me the wrong way enough times I WILL find a way to make you pay for it. Bravery is of course a more noble quality and I probably have more of it than I realize.
Social or Anti-social: Anti-social. I generally don't like most people and it takes away to get under my guarded shell.
Brilliance or Imagination: Imagination, because my life would be empty without it.
Having Dreams or Being Vindicated: Everything that is started with a dream.

Would you attempt the impossible, even if you were told it couldn't be done? If it was something I really wanted I would let nothing stand in my way.
Do you believe fate is a predetermined thing, or are you to believe that destiny can be changed? Destiny can most certainly be changed. We choose who we become, despite our conditions.
Can you be depended on in dire situations? Absolutely, yes.
Would you venture to Worlds End, and if so, why? It would have to be someone I love or some great cause. I wouldn't go about it willy-nilly you know.

Pirates of the Caribbean -

Favorite character and why: Jack Sparrow, because his in the embodiment of freedom. I adore Jack and can emphasize with him, even when he does something wrong. Barbossa is a close second though. I feel he is an under rated character. He has much more depth than people give him credit for.
Who do you relate to most and why: Again, toss up between Barbossa and Jack. I'm going to say Jack simply because I'm just a little more scrupulous than Barbossa. When we first meet Jack he is this man who looks so calm and sure of himself, so brave and strong, but really he's quite distressed. He has no ship, no crew, no anything. Just his wits and a hare-brain plan in his sun-fried mind. All Jack really wants is the freedom to go where he likes without having to bow to a master. To serve his own will and purposes. It may sound selfish in a way, but doesn't everyone aspire to that kind of freedom?
If you're wondering why I said Barbossa it's because he to is a man who just really wants control of his own destiny. He's a man who has been beaten down by the world and by God he's just reached that point where he'll beat it right back. I admire him for that.
Favorite scene in CotBP or DMC movie: God there are so damn many...(aw no AWE included?!) Favorite scene I guess would be the final scene where Jack finally regains the Pearl, is staring at his compass and singing to himself quietly. "Now...bring me that horizon."
Favorite quotes (no more than three): "A keel, a haul, a deck, and sails, that's what a ship NEEDS. But what a ship IS. What the Black Pearl, really is...is freedom."--Jack
"Better were the days when mastery of seas came not from bargains struck with eldritch creatures... but from the sweat of a man's brow and the strength of his back alone."--Barbossa
Why do you like PotC so much? I was in love with the character development, the excitement and the romance of it all. The acting was incredible and each character was very engaging in their own way. It had drama, humor, everything.
Current Music: Viva la Vida--Cold Play
Laura Katariinalarbasaur on May 8th, 2009 05:38 pm (UTC)
I'm getting a Will vibe from you :)