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Welcome to potc_stamping, a community attempting to be the most active Pirates of the Caribbean stamping community in all of LiveJournal. A stamping community is a group of people without many things better to do than sit around and decide which member is most like which character from the movies. It's actually really fun!


highwire_heroes = The Creator of the Community (inactive) - Jack
cherryice578437 = Mod and Captain (active) - Elizabeth
fireflyfailure = Mod and First Mate (active) - Bootstrap Bill


Applicants // New Members

1. No character pushing. PotC_stamping was created so you could be honestly compared to Pirates characters. We realize that people want to be their favorite character... but come'on, you want to be told who you are like, right? That can't be done if your lying to us.

2. To show that you read the rules, kindly put "This is what it tastes like" somewhere in the subject line of your application. This secret pass is subject to change at random, so please read over the rules regularly. Also, if you forget to post the correct subject, you will not be stamped.

3. Do not delete member's comments. People are taking time out of their day to read your application and stamp you as they see fit. You need at least five comments to be stamped, so you're pretty much hurting yourself by deleting comments. Also, do not comment on your own post, unless someone is talking directly to you.

4. You can vote on other people's applications, even if you have not been stamped yet. In fact, it's encouraged!

5. PLEASE put your application below a lj-cut! This keeps the community looking clean. And that's always good. If you don't know how to do a lj-cut, it's fairly simple. < lj - cut text = "Your text here!" > above the place you are cutting from, and < / lj - cut > below it. Of course, you're gonna need to remove the spaces. All but the one between 'cut' and 'text' on the first cut...Sorry if that's confuzzling. LJ has a course on how to do them, and it makes it a bit easier. >.<

6. Have fun. It sucks if you are depressed the whole time...unless you have been stamped as Davy Jones, who really isn't actually all that depressed...you get the point. Don't be a dork, and we'll be fine.


1. Be honest. If someone is Barbossa, then feel free to tell them so. Nicely, of course, but don't be afraid to speak about who you think they are. However, remember not to bash them. It helps if you explain why they are the way you think they are. Point out a few good reasons to go with your statement, and we're good.

2. You are allowed two votes per application. Three is too many. So, if someone reminds you of both, Jack and Elizabeth, it's alright to say so. Though, you may not post about how they remind you of Will as well. Just two. Two. Two. Two.

3. Please bold your votes. It makes it easier to count in the end.

4. Be respectful. Duh. Don't go around shoving what you've been stamped as in someone's face if you know that they wanted that person. Playful banter is fine, but gawed, keep it...kinda/sorta nice, at least.

5. So you got stamped and rated and either a) don't agree with the votes or b) want to see who else you're like? Then you are allowed to be restamped ONCE (you use the same application) but since you can only be restamped once you might want to wait until the *cough* new character stamps come out? It's up to you. But you must wait at least one month before re-applying. And once you have been restamped you must choose which person you ultimately want to be in the "Stamped Members List". You can't claim both of them in the end, savvy?

6. More rules might be added as time goes by, so please check them often.



Captain Jack Sparrow
Elizabeth Swann
William Turner
Davy Jones
Hector Barbossa
James Norrington
Cutler Beckett
Bootstrap Bill
Governor Weatherby Swann
Tia Dalma
Jack...The Monkey


Captain Sao Feng

(suggestions always welcomed!)


Stamped Members List and Preview of Stamps can be seen: HERE

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[Current Theme]

September 16th - October 26th :: Least Like!
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